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Met Office weather forecast: Wintry showers and 10cm snow likely across UK

Written on:March 11, 2024
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The Met Office weather forecast has made the bookies slash odds on a White Easter

The Met office weather forecast has voiced that Britain is likely to encounter a week of snow, with nearly 4in (10cm) of snow having been forecast today for the worst-hit zones of the nation. As per the Met Office weather forecast for the UK, additional wintry showers are likely during the course of the week. Nonetheless, for many areas, the weather will be dry with sunny spells.

On Monday morning, the passengers battled iciness, snowiness and acutely frigid windiness. The biting wintry weather reemerged in the UK on Monday morning. Subsequently, Jersey airport closed down on account of snow. On the lanes, there were perilous conditions on several important routes. The biting UK snow on Monday morning caused many rush-hour mishaps on the M40 in Warwickshire. Whiteout conditions were also reported on the M40 in Warwickshire. Inevitably, drivers experienced crises galore while driving their vehicles as there were robust winds. The collapsed trees created obstacles on snowy roads.

The snow in the UK on Monday morning affected negatively train services in Hampshire and Sussex. Postponements and signaling problems were reported there. The Sussex police spokesman has urged the motorists to adopt extra carefulness on the roads as they are slimy due to the relentless fall of snow.

There were dangerous driving conditions on the A69 and A6 in Cumbria and on the A54 in Cheshire. The shutting down of Jersey Airport resulted in a number of flights being annulled. Thus, the UK snowfall has inconvenienced the commuters.

Motorists in Wales have had to endure strong winds. One lane of the M48 Severn Bridge was shut down. Roads, in which driving conditions were highly hazardous on Monday morning, included A46 in Nottinghamshire, A353 in Dorset and A14 in Suffolk.

Meanwhile, the rail signalling crises in the Portsmouth Harbour zone and inadequate rail conditions between Havant in Hampshire and Pulborough in West Sussex signified postponements for London-bound passengers. A railways signalling crisis caused postponements between Moorgate and Finsbury Park in north London. Another signalling difficulty created problems in the Carstairs zone of Scotland.

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  1. Jackson says:

    Frigid weather again…yoohoo!…

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