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Met Office weather forecast: Overnight low of -10C expected in North England

Written on:March 29, 2023
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The UK snowy weather has created transportation problems for the ordinary Britons and has disrupted electricity supply in several areas

The Met Office weather forecast has remarked that northern England and Scotland could experience overnight low temperatures of -10C over the weekend. The Met Office weather forecast has talked of the possibility of Britain facing its chilliest Easter weekend on record, with temperatures in some portions of the nation likely to be lower than Greenland. The Met Office weather statistics have indicated that this March is set to be the frostiest March in Britain since 1962. The mean temperatures this March have been just 2.5C-3C below average, which is set to make this March the joint, fourth-coldest March in Britain since records commenced in the nation in 1910.

The official commencement of the British summer is less than 48 hours away. But the Met Office weather forecast has announced that there was no signal of the arrival of the British summer. The weather forecast, issued by the Met Office, has spoken of the probability of a dry and cold Bank Holiday weekend with 3C-7C daytime highs. Sharply chilly winds have been forecast from start to finish by the Met Office.

The Met Office weather forecast has informed that the lowest temperatures are likely in the East, which will be accompanied by iciness, frostiness and snowy flurries. The Met Office forecast has said that Easter would be cold with some good sunny spells and acutely cold easterly winds at first. Occasionally, there will be an odd snowy shower in the East and probable sleet in the far South-West.

The exceptionally snowy weather in Britain continues to disrupt the transportation systems and the electricity supply, with farmers also being victimised by the harshly frigid weather as they have lost many of their animals under the intense snow. Many farmers are running low on food and supplies.

The coldest March was in 1962 when the mean temperature was 1.9C, which was followed by the March of 1947 with mean temperature of 2.2C. Only 59 hours of sunshine have been there in Britain up to March 26.

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