Queen to visit Enniskillen and meet ex-IRA leader McGuinness

Written on:June 26, 2023
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Queen is visiting Enniskillen(Image Courtesy: Pressurepics)

The Queen will visit Enniskillen, where the infamous ‘Poppy Day Massacre’ killed eleven people in the IRA bombing on Remembrance Sunday 1987, on the evening of her historic handshake with Martin McGuinness, alleged commander of the IRA’s northern unit.

Martin McGuinness, who is the Deputy First Minister now, has always denied the claim of his involvement in the massacre. “He denies being in the IRA at that stage but most historians would say that Martin McGuinness was effectively the leading figure, the OC of northern command at that time,” commented Liam Clarke, who has written extensively on the Northern Ireland conflict.

Liam finds it ironic that the Queen will visit the site on the same day when she will shake hand with McGuinness. The relatives of the victims are happy that the meeting is taking place in Belfast instead of the border town.

Stephen Gault, who lost his father, proclaimed,”Nobody has been brought to justice for Enniskillen so it’s very hard for the families to accept Mr McGuinness shaking the Queen’s hand.”

Rev David Cupples, the local Presbyterian minister, reported he lost seven members of his congregation in the explosion.”Until there is an apology, there’ll never be closure on an emotional level but when you look to the bigger picture, people probably can see that it would be worthwhile,” he remarked.

Enniskillen has been transformed by peace as the Protestant cathedral and the Roman Catholic church are hosting a jubilee service and an informal gathering opposite each other and both parties are welcoming the queen.

McGuinness has noted the uniqueness of the incident saying it will allow him to “symbolically” shake the hands of “hundreds of thousands of unionists.”

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  1. Pearl_25 says:

    Shaking hands with McGuinness on the eve of visiting Enniskillen…shame…How can Queen forget the Poppy Day Massacre….

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