British tourists’ arrests overseas up by 6%

Written on:June 28, 2023
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British tourists landing in foreign prisons

The number of British tourists arrested overseas last year increased by 6%, reports the Foreign Office, suggesting that the rise could be due to development of a zero tolerance approach towards drinking and drugs in holiday spots popular among UK tourists.

Most number of Britons were detained in Spain, with nearly 2,000 - up 9% on 2010. The USA and Thailand followed Spain in the list for detentions. There is almost a 30% increase in arrests on the Balearic Islands of Ibiza and Majorca, with more than 500 people detained there.

The Foreign Office assumes, the resorts available to the British tourists grew less tolerant towards drinking and consumption of drugs, hence ending in more number of arrests.

“Punishments can be very severe, with tougher prison conditions than in the UK, and we cannot interfere in another country’s legal system,” warned Foreign Office Minister Jeremy Browne. A person can spend up to four years in jail before trial, in Spain, reports Fair Trials International.

The head of the local UK Consulate on the Balearic Islands, Paul Abrey, explained the reason for the “dramatic” increase saying, “We see younger people coming to places like San Antonio and Magaluf who don’t know the laws.” He also talked about the growing availability of drugs on the street.

Sophie (not her real name), a twenty-one-year-old from Surrey, who was involved in a drugs raid last year, informed Newsbeat, “Most of the jobs are promotion and you might get one euro commission a ticket. But people who sell pills make about 10 euros on each one.” She also mentioned how easy it was to get involved if someone is out on a tour for a season.

Though Sophie is out of jail now, her boyfriend is still on the island, in jail, awaiting trial. Elsewhere, worldwide arrests for drugs have increased by 2%, and more than half of the people involved are under 34 years of age

The Foreign Office dealt with 816 cases last year. “Having a British passport does not make you immune to foreign laws and will not get you special treatment in prison,” said Minister Browne, referring to the tourists’ misconception that, if caught they will be transferred home.

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  1. amy says:

    i disagree @jennifer what are holidays for..enjoyment I think…

  2. jennifer says:

    Come on guys you can blame the countries for strict rules, drinking and doping and getting arrested when on holiday in other countries just spoils UK name….

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