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Brits protest against rising rail fares

Written on:August 14, 2023
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A series of demonstrations will be held at railway stations across UK (Image courtesy: Steve Mann)

Train passengers, unions and transport campaigners across the country have joined hands to protest against rising rail fares and cuts to jobs and services.

Demonstrations will be held at more than 40 stations, including Waterloo, Euston and King’s Cross in London, Birmingham New Street, Glasgow Central and Newcastle upon Tyne.

Protests will be held to voice against government’s decision to allow train firms to raise fares by 3% more than RPI inflation from January, based on July’s inflation figure, which is published today.

The latest Retail Price Index inflation figure - expected to remain at 2.8% - will be used to calculate the increase in rail fares. English fares will rise by inflation plus 3%, while in Scotland they will go up by inflation plus 1%. Wales has yet to set a figure for its increase.

Unions have warned that some fares could jump by 11% from the new year, while most rush-hour travel, season tickets and off-peak fares will rise by well above the rate of inflation.

Bob Crow, leader of the Rail Maritime and Transport union, said passengers will be “rightly angry” when they find out the full extent of inflation-busting fare increases imposed on them by government “diktat”.

Meanwhile, over 20,000 jobs in the rail industry are at risk under cost-cutting proposals, which will hit station staff, guards, catering and ticket offices.

Stephen Joseph, chief executive of the Campaign for Better Transport, said, “If the Government sticks by its policy, rail fares will rise three times faster than salaries. With the economy flat-lining, this is untenable.”

“The Government knows they can’t continue to hit commuters - that’s why they’ve postponed the fuel duty increase. Now they need to give the same help to rail users,” he added.

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