ScotRail imposes alcohol ban on all of its services

Written on:July 20, 2023
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No alcohol allowed on trains, says ScotRail (Image Courtesy: Kristofer Keane)

Passengers will not be allowed to consume alcohol late at night or early in the morning on most Scottish trains, as ScotRail, which runs 95% of Scotland’s trains, has imposed a ban on drinking or visibly carrying alcohol between 9 pm and 10 am on its services from today.

The ban was enforced to address concerns about anti-social behaviour on its trains. People under alcohol influence will be prevented from travelling on trains. In the past six months, British Transport Police have struggled with 260 drink-related cases, with an increasing the number of trains getting delayed due to the menace.

Passengers’ bags will not be searched before or during journeys and the ban will be enforced under existing railway by-laws. Drunk people who board any ScotRail service at an unmanned station will be met by the police at the next available stop. Police will also be alerted if passengers refuse to leave after being turned away or if behaviour causes concern to train crew or passengers.

The overnight Caledonian Sleeper train to and from London is exempt from the ban, as are the east and west coast services between Scotland and England which are not operated by ScotRail.

ScotRail carried out a four-week campaign to make customers aware of the impending ban, followed by a 15-day introduction of the policy. Alcohol is already banned on specific ScotRail trains during major events, and is prohibited at around 70% of Scottish rail stations.

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