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Rolf Harris arrested over Operation Yewtree sex abuse investigation

Written on:April 19, 2023
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Rolf Harris (centre) has not yet publicly remarked about being questioned as part of Operation Yewtree

Rolf Harris, the 83-year-old prominent TV personality, has been identified as the person, who was grilled in November 2012 over allegations of historical sex crimes as part of Operation Yewtree. Rolf Harris was detained and bailed in March over the same sex crime allegations as a procedure of Operation Yewtree. Operation Yewtree had been constituted in 2012 subsequent to the surfacing of hundreds of sex abuse allegations against Jimmy Savile, the former BBC DJ, who died in October 2011. Rolf Harris was interrogated by the police in November at a South London zone under caution. The bail of the TV personality is in force until May, with his arrest being unconnected to the Jimmy Savile sex abuse case.

The Metropolitan Police had not named the man questioned in November but had only referred to the questioned male as Yewtree 5 whose age is 82. The Met Police had mentioned in March that an 82-year-old male from Berkshire had been detained by the police on the doubt of sex offences. As per the Met Police, the individual detained by them in March fell under the strand of the Operation Yewtree investigation, which is labelled ‘others.’

Operation Yewtree sex abuse investigations are looking at the reported sex abuse acts of Jimmy Savile and at the sex abuse accusations against ‘Jimmy Savile and others’. The third strand of the Operation Yewtree sex abuse investigations consists of inquiries against other persons unconnected to the Jimmy Savile sex abuse investigations.

Rolf Harris was one of 12 persons detained as part of Operation Yewtree and has hitherto desisted from commenting publicly on this issue. Other prominent personalities, questioned in relation to the Operation Yewtree sex abuse investigations, include comedian Freddie Starr, DJ Dave Lee Travis, comedian Jim Davidson and PR consultant Max Clifford, with each rejecting the allegations of sexual misdemeanor. 66-year-old David Smith, an ex-BBC driver, has been charged with historical sex offences subsequent to his arrest in December.

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