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Snow hinders southern England train services, Essex-London commuters hit

Written on:December 6, 2023
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The weather forecast for the UK for Thursday says rainfall is likely to strike the already icy roads, cooling the weather further

Snow and iciness have punched northeastern UK, which has resulted in the shutting down of schools and the creation of transportation crises on rail networks. Train services were hindered for the second day in the south of England, with those commuters voyaging from Essex into London the worst impacted.

A 79-year-old Scottish man, Robert Johnston, was discovered dead by his partner in frigid conditions outside Monifieth high school in Angus on Wednesday early in the morning. More than 50 schools have been hampered by snow in northeastern UK. The snow has led to the closure of two schools in Aberdeenshire.

Snow has particularly hampered south England, with a malfunctioning train at Colchester and a signal problem near Gidea Park in east London causing delays, which inconvenienced commuters greatly.

Equipment crises have generated holdups between Reading and London. Another signalling crisis caused train deferments between Norwich and Ely in East Anglia. These instances indicate the extent of the harassment and difficulties that the commuters had to experience due to the snow in southern England.

The snow in south England also generated travel disruption through Birmingham New Street and the Metropolitan line on the London Underground.

The snow in some zones of the UK plunged the temperatures on Wednesday night, dropping to -13C. The weather forecast for the UK for Thursday was that rainfall would hammer cold roads in many areas. Thereby, the weather conditions will become icier.

Scotland experienced the chilliest temperature on one of the coldest nights of the year, with the temperature dipping to -12.9C in Braemar in the Highlands. But snow dipped the temperatures across the UK, with temperatures of -9C in areas of Oxfordshire and -5C in London’s Kew Gardens.


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  1. Terry says:

    The weather is unusually cool… I admit that…how can transport services function normally under such extreme weather conditions…

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