More thunder and lightning predicted after tornado hits Oxfordshire

Written on:May 8, 2023
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After a tornado was reported in parts of Oxfordshire and a ”special” type of storm swept through the south Midlands on Monday afternoon, experts predict more thunder and lightning throughout Britain.

The thunderstorm started in Wiltshire, and moved across Oxfordshire A tornado was spotted in several places, including Bicester, Eynsham, Kidlington and South Leigh and then moved to Buckinghamshire.

After rain, large hailstones and a tornado, forecasters said there was a “definite chance” of further thunderstorm activity. “At the moment it’s difficult to say exactly where the tornado was because while the parent thunderstorm travelled all the way across the south Midlands, it wasn’t necessarily producing a tornado all the time”, said Brendan Jones from Meteogroup.

He said it was unlikely there would be another “supercell” storm in the coming week, as they require very specific atmospheric conditions. However, he maintained that heavy rain has been predicted for most parts of the country, which could bring more thunder and lightning.

An eyewitness Dave Ewart from Kidlington, said, “I was at home when I noticed heavy dark clouds forming, then hail then - very suddenly - extremely high winds. I saw my car bouncing up and down on its suspension - which is very unusual. And then we spotted spinning clouds.”

Richard Glazer, who drove through the tornado with his wife and son on the A34 near Kidlington, Oxfordshire, said, ”As we drove into it the trees were blowing left to right and as we got through it they were blowing the other way. It wasn’t particularly big but it was amazing to see the change in the environment. It was grey and a bit blurry and then to be hit by something like that. You suddenly realise the force of nature, it’s incredible.”

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