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Twitter Trends adds 12 new British cities to localise service

Written on:December 7, 2023
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Twitter makes trending topics more localised

Twitter has initiated Trends in 100 international cities, including 12 British cities, thereby making trending topics more localised. Twitter has remarked that, by observing Trends in these cities, it would be easier than ever before to find out the events in your area and to get involved in the online conversations.

As per Twitter, regional Trends will provide the British people with a nice idea of the happenings in the diverse zones of their country.

Users can now witness what is occurring on a more local scale. The 12 British cities, in which Twitter has started Trends, are Belfast, Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Leeds, Liverpool, Portsmouth, Sheffield, Nottingham, Leicester and Newcastle. The Twitter Trends feature was already in operation in London, Glasgow, Birmingham and Manchester from January 2010.

Among the international cities in which Twitter has launched Trends, Istanbul, Guadalajara, Frankfurt and Incheon exist. Twitter has stated that, with this Trends update of theirs, they can surface the most breaking news in excess of 200 locations.

The Twitter Trends in these new cities will help to attract the attention of the people to subjects that might be appealing locally. But these subjects may not make an impact on the Twitter network at large.

The latest Twitter Trends update represents an effort by the micro-blogging site to localise the service. Twitter first commenced showing Trends in 2008 and, earlier this year, contributed ‘tailored trends’ to the service. The tailored trends show trends based on a user’s location and which Twitter users they follow.

As Twitter has endeavoured to increase its income, it has introduced promoted tweets and other commercial tools.

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  1. John says:

    A good source of news for Bristol. I’m glad this initiative has been implemented.

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