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151 flood warnings in effect as Met Office urges caution over landslides

Written on:December 26, 2023
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UK’s average rainfall in 2012 till November is 1202 mm, putting 2012 in the 13th spot in the list of soggiest years since 1910

The Met Office has discharged a landslide warning as continuous torrential downpours have triggered apprehensions of wobbly cliff faces. The Environment Agency has 151 flood warnings in operation, which have requested the residents to adopt immediate action to protect against expected flooding.

Boxing Day walkers were requested to take additional care in perilous conditions, with floods in the UK set to aggravate across areas of England and Wales on Wednesday.

The Met Office released the landslide warning subsequent to advice from the British Geological Survey. The Met Office has remarked that the coastal zones in southwestern England are at particular risk of disintegrating cliff edges and rock fall. In general, however, the areas in the UK experiencing floods are in peril of experiencing landslides.

The Devon and Cornwall floods over the weekend resulted in the flooding of 245 properties. A number of residents were evacuated but most have come back home. Weather specialists have remarked that up to 15 mm of rain drenched southwestern England and southern Wales, with up to 20mm of rainfall likely again on Wednesday.

The worst affected zones because of the floods in the UK have been southwestern England and expanses along the south coast from Cornwall to Kent, along with Wales and northern Scotland.

Rail and road networks were intensely hit in the days leading up to Christmas, with some crucial routes impacted by the wet weather. The Scottish Environment Protection Agency has cancelled its flood warnings, with lighter rainfall expected only through southwestern Scotland.

252 less severe flood alerts have been released by the Environment Agency, which are applicable to much of England and Wales. Apprehensions of a landslide and the extremely damp weather during the last week are expected to make 2012 one of the soggiest years in Britain since the commencement of the flooding records.

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  1. James says:

    The weather is inconveniencing so many Britons…

  2. Jeremy says:

    Hope the weather improves…and New Year’s first day is free from weather troubles..

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