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Vauxhall helicopter crash kills 2, shuts down Vauxhall Tube station

Written on:January 16, 2024
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Vauxhall helicopter-crane crash has caused traffic gridlock due to closed roads and burning wreckage on the streets

A helicopter has crashed into a crane at a building site in London’s Vauxhall under hazy climatic conditions, which has caused the deaths of two persons. The police personnel have remarked that it seemed that the helicopter crashed into a crane on top of a building at about 08:00 GMT. London Fire Brigade has voiced that the helicopter crash into a crane in Vauxhall happened near Wandsworth Road in South Lambeth. Vauxhall Tube station and railway station have also been rendered out of service temporarily due to the helicopter crane collision in Vauxhall.

60 firefighters were despatched to the scene of the helicopter crane crash in Vauxhall. Blazing wreckage lay in the road, with all approaches to the Vauxhall Cross one-way system shut down. The helicopter crane crash in Vauxhall generated traffic gridlock as roads were shut down at the peak of rush hour. The blazing wreckage and aviation fuel had shut down roads.

Nicky Morgan, MP for Loughborough, eyed the helicopter crane crash as he was walking towards the Vauxhall tube station from the Lambeth Palace area. He heard an immense bang suddenly, emanating from beyond Vauxhall Tube station. This was followed by clouds of blackish smoke, which was seen by Nick Morgan.

[youtube w7c0g8UmVlM]

The Vauxhall helicopter-crane crash resulted in the side of a building, on one side of the street, being wrecked by blazes. Bystanders watched helplessly as the wreckage burned. As per ex-BBC producer, Paul Ferguson, the helicopter plunged straight into the ground. The building struck by the helicopter is covered in mistiness. In accordance with Paul Ferguson, the crane at the top of the building was now hanging down the building’s side.

Some eyewitnesses have reported that the helicopter-crane crash in Vauxhall produced wreckage, which hit two cars. After the crash, the helicopter was in flames, which was described by some witnesses as surreal. As per the BBC, the Met has dismissed the idea that the Vauxhall helicopter-crane crash was a terrorist act.

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