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“Scots! Do not drink tap water,” says Scottish Water

Written on:August 24, 2023
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200 homes affected by contaminated tap water

Scottish Water has issued a public warning to as many as 200 households not to drink, cook, bathe or wash with tap water, after health experts discovered quality problems with the taste, odour and appearance of the water.

The alert was issued when complaints began about the taste, smell and colour of water in homes on the Woodilee estate in Kirkintilloch, East Dunbartonshire near Glasgow.

Bottled water is being delivered to homes on the Woodilee estate, which have been advised not to use the tap water for drinking, cleaning teeth, preparing food or babies’ feeds and sterilising equipment, making pet food or drink, or for washing dishes and clothes, for washing open wounds. The publicly owned company said the water can be used to flush toilets.

Around 190 homes are affected in Cramond Drive, The Archies View, Saltmarsh Drive, Cotton Grass Court, Foxglove Gardens, Cloudberry Place, Bothlin Court, Rutherford Drive, Rutherford Road, Carriesbrook Avenue, Robb Terrace, Lapwing Avenue and Blairhill Avenue.

Scottish Water is investigating the cause of contamination. Samples are being taken for testing. The health warning was issued after Scottish Water mediated with the public health consultant at NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde.

Water supplies in the affected areas were temporarily disconnected to ensure that residents are not at risk of using the water before receiving the warning. Scottish Water is also providing additional bottled water at select locations on the estate. These locations include Salt Marsh Drive, Cotton Grass Court, The Archies View, Lapwing Avenue, Blairhill Avenue, Robb Terrace, Bothlin Court and Rutherford Drive.

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