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Prince Harry Vegas pictures sold by bikini-clad girl, claims party friend

Written on:August 24, 2023
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Harry’s ally rushes to his defence (Image Courtesy: Wayne Howes)

Pictures of a naked Prince Harry in Las Vegas were probably sold by one of the bikini-clad girls who attended the party, says Arthur Landon, one of Prince Harry’s accompaniments on his holiday.

Landon is one of Britain’s richest young men, worth more than £200 million, swore to have been loyal to Prince Harry and said none of the friends would have been involved in the sale of the images.

Landon’s remarks come as Harry returned to Britain to Clarence House on Thursday to explain his folly to his companions, instead of heading to Balmoral in Scotland where Prince Charles and the Queen are on their annual summer break.

Meanwhile, a Partygoer present at the party on last Friday gave an account of the happenings saying, “When we got to the room, Prince Harry was already there. There were about 25 people in total - at least 15 girls.” Looking at the big billiards room in the suite, Harry decided to have a raunchy game of pool.

“The rules were, if you potted the ball, you got to go again. If you missed, you took a piece of clothing off. Harry pulled that girl up to play with him. She had her eyes on Harry, so she was going to do anything”, she said.

Harry was the first to begin the play in swimming shorts — he didn’t have any underwear on. He missed and got naked straight away, while his friends ragged him about being naked.

“The girl missed her shot and took her dress off. Then she shot again and took her bra off. Later they put their clothes back on, sat on the couch together, talking, and he offered her a beer”, the witness claimed, adding that it was obvious that people were taking pictures.

Naked Prince Harry pictures embarrass royal family

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