Boris ahead of Ken in London mayoral race

Written on:April 10, 2023
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Comres poll for the Evening Standard, London Tonight and LBC shows Boris Johnson leading by four points over his chief rival Ken Livingstone, in the contest for London Mayor.

According to the survey, Johnson, a member of the Conservative Party had 50% support, while his Labour counterpart has 46%. The recent poll was a major boost since the last poll, which saw the incumbent two points behind.

However, the analysis of support for other parties suggests Ken Livingstone might end up winning the elections, despite opinion showing Boris Johnson leading. Livingstone, who is all set to launch his manifesto on Wednesday, can probably recover in the final month of the campaign.

The poll found 51% of Londoners interviewed chose not to vote for Livingstone after he has faced charges of hypocrisy for putting money through a tax efficient company, while earlier 44% were against him.

Livingstone although dominates inner London with 58% support, compared to Johnson’s 38%. However, even here Ken’s support has dropped by 10% since January. On the other hand, outer London is still in hands of Boris with 57% support, compared to Ken’s 39%.

According to the poll, 32% of respondents believe that Johnson will deliver on his promises, while only 26% trust Ken Livingstone. More than 25% of Londoners neither trust the Conservative Party candidate nor the Labour candidate.

Overall, 46% of Londoners supported the current London Mayor in the first round of voting and 41% backed Ken. Liberal Democrat’s candidate Brian Paddick was supported by 6% of respondents, while the Green’s candidate Jenny Jones received 4% votes.

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