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British army bases in Germany to close by 2019 as part of £2bn cutbacks

Written on:March 5, 2024
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Philip Hammond has remarked that the British military base closure in Germany would generate investment and jobs for the UK construction industry

The British army bases in Germany are to shut down by 2019, with almost 20000 British soldiers set to be repatriated to their homeland, as the Ministry of Defence readies to close all British military bases in Germany. The Defence Secretary, Philip Hammond, is expected to proclaim to the House of Commons later today which British military bases will be expanded to lodge the British soldiers. The Defence Secretary will also inform the parliamentarians which British army bases will close as part of the military reorganisation plans, projected to cost Britain £2billion.

The Coalition had pronounced its plan to remove the British military bases from Germany in its 2010 strategic defence review. A greater proportion of the 15000 British soldiers, presently operating in Germany, are set to return to their motherland by 2016. The remaining 4500 British soldiers will travel back to Britain by 2019.

Meanwhile, the Scottish National Party (SNP) has articulated its apprehension that the British military reorganisation would see fewer British soldiers relocated in Scotland than was originally agreed by the government.

The decision to shut down the British military bases in Germany brings to an end the British military presence in Germany after almost seven decades. Philip Hammond’s announcement, regarding the British army base closure in Germany, had been expected before Christmas. But it was deferred on account of Chancellor George Osborne’s Autumn Statement. Also, the Ministry of Defence had desired to reassess the costing involved in the British military reorganisation.

The British military base closure in Germany is part of defence cuts announced by the Coalition. As part of these defence cuts, the overall size of the British Army is to be trimmed from 102000 soldiers to 82000 by 2020.

Much of the £2billion, projected to be the cost of British army reorganisation, would be spent on new Army accommodation and offices. By scrapping British military bases in Germany, the Coalition is set to save £240m annually. The move would bring employment and investment back to the UK as almost £2bn would have to be invested for building new infrastructure to accommodate the returning British troops, voiced the Defence Secretary.

The General Staff Chief, General Sir Peter Wall, has remarked that the British military base closure in Germany would provide more professional and personal stability to the troops and their kith and kin.

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  1. Derek says:

    British army bases not required in Germany…Cold War is dead..

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