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David Cameron’s Afghanistan visit: PM lauds British troops, plays table football

Written on:December 21, 2023
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PM David Cameron has said the UK troops’ presence in Afghanistan has diminished terror plots

David Cameron’s visit to the British military bases in Afghanistan, prior to Christmas, has led to the PM voicing that the British troops’ efforts in the Afghanistan war have been a success. The British soldiers have paid a high price, however, voiced David Cameron, who went on to express that the Afghan security personnel are gaining the capability to look after Afghan security affairs.

As regards the scheduled conclusion of NATO operations in Afghanistan by the end of 2014, PM David Cameron has uttered that the NATO withdrawal from Afghanistan is a drawdown rooted in military success and not failure. David Cameron has proclaimed that he is sure that the NATO withdrawal from the country can be performed in a way that prevents Afghanistan from again becoming an official sanctuary of Taliban terrorism.

The David Cameron speech to the British soldiers consisted of the PM remarking that the British military presence in the country had decreased the number of terrorist plots.

During David Cameron’s visit to Afghanistan, he participated in table football with troops and also presented himself at a carol service with troops in Helmand province. David Cameron’s trip to Afghanistan consisted of his tour of Camp Bastion and his time at the smaller Camp Price operating base.

At the PM’s Questions on Wednesday, David Cameron had pronounced that almost 50% of the British soldiers operating in the Helmand province are to be withdrawn in 2013 from Afghanistan, thereby enabling them to return to their homeland. The PM had expressed that the number of British soldiers in Afghanistan would reduce to about 5200 by the end of 2013.

David Cameron, while on his visit to Afghanistan, also stated that a small number of British soldiers would remain in Afghanistan beyond 2013, operating at an officer training school and involved in returning equipment and handling logistics.

During the PM’s stay in Afghanistan, government officials had assured the British military £29m for extra bomb detectors, a £10m upgrade for armed vehicles, more military canines for foot patrols and a £5m package for bolstering espionage and surveillance activities at Camp Bastion.

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  1. Isaac says:

    It is true that our troops have performed very well in Afghanistan and have kept the toxic Taliban at bay…

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