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PM David Cameron angry with Mayor Boris Johnson for his Heathrow Outburst

Written on:September 7, 2023
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Mayor Johnson may have to pay a price for rebuking Cameron over Heathrow

London Mayor Boris Johnson’s fiery criticisms of David Cameron’s ‘Heathrow expansion’ agenda has angered Cameron, sources connected to the PM have revealed. Cameron hasn’t reacted to Johnson’s strong critiques yet but ’10, Downing Street’ is reportedly preparing to avenge Johnson’s unusually harsh admonishment of Cameron over Heathrow enlargement .

Cameron has reportedly vowed in private that the latest public anti-Cameron outburst of Johnson over Heathrow will not be tolerated. PM’s officials have remarked Johnson may need the UK government’s assistance one day for London’s infrastructural improvement projects. Hence, Johnson should not disparage Cameron disproportionately.

David Cameron’s sources have voiced Johnson will come to the Prime Minister with a ‘begging bowl’, requesting the UK government to subsidise London’s infrastructural development projects, which Johnson desires to implement. That may be the time for Cameron to strike back to avenge the latest caustic anti-Cameron remarks.

Cameron could make Johnson toil more to obtain funding for costly projects like London’s Crossrail,a £15.9 billion new rail line to be constructed in London. Cameron could scuttle Crossrail permanently by axing it via the Treasury.

Johnson has confessed he is conscious of the PM being furious with him after Johnson labelled Cameron’s concept of erecting a third runway at Heathrow airport as ‘simply mad.’ He had alleged Cameron was clandestinely trying to implement Heathrow’s expansion.

Johnson had made sarcastic comments about Cameron’s Prime Ministership in August 2012, when he instructed Cameron to end his ‘pussyfooting’ around the UK economy, which is in a recessionary state. In May, he uttered sarcastically London has survived the ‘rain, BBC, Budget’ as well as the approval of Cameron.

Johnson, who wants Heathrow expansion to be scrapped and a new London airport instead, may be setting the stage for a future battle with Cameron over Conservative leadership.

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