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MPs urge 32% pay hike as IPSA survey finds Tories most unhappy over pay

Written on:January 11, 2024
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David Cameron’s spokesman has said the PM deems that the IPSA survey on MPs’ pay is a matter for IPSA

MPs desire a pay hike, with it being divulged that the MPs have suggested a 32% increase in their pay to the Commons expenses watchdog. MPs have remarked that they deserve an £86,250 salary in an anonymous survey performed by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA). The research also discovered that more than 33% believed that they should keep final-salary pensions.

These findings on ‘MPs’ pay’ have appeared as IPSA published a document on its initial consultation into pay and pensions. The Commons had voted against a 1% pay hike for MPs in 2011 and had agreed, in 2012, to extend the MP pay freeze into 2013. But the survey has detected that 69% believed that they were underpaid on their incumbent salary of £65,738.

YouGov performed online interviews with 100 MPs on IPSA’s behalf and weighted the results slightly to represent the Commons by party, gender, year elected and geography. As per the findings on MPs’ pay, Conservative MPs were most likely to deem that they were paid insufficiently.

As per the findings on MPs’ pay, Conservative MPs, on average, remarked that their remuneration should be £96,740. The Lib Dem MPs deemed that the correct pay for them would be £78,361. Labour MPs voiced that the appropriate pay for them would be £77, 322.

When PM David Cameron’s spokesperson was queried about the MPs’ demand for higher pay, the spokesperson remarked that David Cameron deemed that it was a matter for IPSA.

IPSA had gained control of the issue of MPs’ pay and pensions in October 2012. Thus, the MPs get a vote on it no longer. IPSA will place strong proposals on MPs’ pay out for consultation in the spring, with final decisions expected to be adopted on this issue in the autumn.

As per IPSA, it was not recommending the introduction of performance-related pay, regional pay or to take outside remunerations of MPs into account. Chairman Sir Ian Kennedy has remarked that this new tactic of independent decision-making on MPs’ pay by IPSA marks a genuine and significant change, which will help the Parliament to acquire the public trust.

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