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Margaret Thatcher funeral: Body moved to chapel for Westminster Dean’s service

Written on:April 16, 2023
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MP George Galloway commented that there is unnecessary fawning over the demise of Margaret Thatcher (Image courtesy: lewishamdreamer)

Prior to the funeral of Margaret Thatcher, who died last Monday, the corpse of former Conservative PM will be relocated to the Chapel of St. Mary Undercroft in the Palace of Westminster on Wednesday. A parliamentary vote may be cast later on whether to annul Prime Minister’s Questions in order to permit MPs to attend the Margaret Thatcher funeral. Two MPs, George Galloway of the Respect Party and Dennis Skinner of the Labour Party, have endeavoured to obstruct the Coalition plan to postpone the Commons’ commencement on Wednesday. George Galloway has thundered that there has been unnecessary fawning over Margaret Thatcher’s death.

Dennis Skinner and George Galloway expressed opposition on Monday to the idea of annulling the Prime Minister’s Questions to participate in the Margaret Thatcher funeral. The parliamentary motion to terminate the Prime Minister’s Questions to enable the MPs to be present at the Margaret Thatcher funeral is expected to be ratified as a greater proportion of Labour MPs have voiced that they would not block such a motion.

The Margaret Thatcher funeral is certain to be a reasonably stately affair as the Late Baroness has been accorded a ceremonial funeral with complete military honours, which is one level below a formal State funeral. Among the more than 2000 attendees at the Margaret Thatcher funeral, Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh will be there. The Speaker of the Parliament has remarked that the chimes of Big Ben would be silenced during the Margaret Thatcher funeral as a symbol of respect for the dead Margaret Thatcher.

On Wednesday, the dead Margaret Thatcher’s coffin will initially move by hearse from the Palace of Westminster to the Church of St. Clement Danes on the Strand. Meanwhile, a service will be convened in the Chapel of St. Mary Undercroft by the Dean of Westminster.The Chapel of St. Mary Undercroft would then be open for numerous hours to allow parliamentary staffers and MPs to offer their respects. The Speaker’s chaplain, the Rev Rose Hudson-Wilkin, will subsequently maintain vigil in the chapel through the night.

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