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Police car attacked by petrol bomb near Northern Ireland MP’s office

Written on:December 11, 2023
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Northern Ireland has been experiencing sectarian violence since last week’s Belfast riots over Union flag row

MP Naomi Long’s office in east Belfast was witness to a veiled gang of six males flinging a petrol bomb inside an unmarked police car, which was situated opposite the Alliance Party MP’s office. The petrol bomb attack on the police car in east Belfast resulted in a policewoman avoiding injury. The gang of six men destroyed the police car’s back window before tossing the petrol bomb inside.

Northern Ireland’s First Minister has referred to the petrol bomb attack on the police car opposite MP Naomi Long’s office as a despicable terrorist act. The police are treating the petrol bomb attack on the Upper Newtownards Road on Monday evening as attempted murder.

As per Peter Robinson, the veiled males didn’t throw the petrol bomb on the police car in the name of the Union flag. Rather, these masked men had defaced the Union flag by implementing the petrol bomb attack on the police car opposite MP Naomi Long’s office.

The First Minister was referring to the Belfast riots over the Union flag row, which erupted last week. The loyalists in Belfast have been disruptively protesting about last week’s decision by the Belfast City Council to flutter the Union flag at city hall only on certain days of the year, instead of throughout the year.

Naomi Long, MP for East Belfast, had obtained a death threat last week. A police vehicle has been positioned outside her east Belfast office since then to safeguard her from possible loyalist attacks.

Assistant Chief Constable, George Hamilton, has voiced that the petrol bomb attack on the police car was a preconceived attempt to murder a police officer. This endangered the public though there were no injuries due to this attack, stressed MP Naomi Long.

Naomi Long has decried the petrol bomb attack on the police car, voicing that the police officers were there to ensure that she, as MP, could continue to serve her community’s welfare. The Belfast riots over the Union flag dispute were disruptive, which were to frustrate democracy. The recent attacks on the Alliance Party represented a pogrom, voiced Naomi Long.

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  1. Terry says:

    Sectarian instability isn’t good for N Ireland…

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