Jessica Ennis labelled ‘fat’ by top UK Athletics official

Written on:May 25, 2023
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Ennis's coach slams "fat" jibe (Image courtesy: skphotography /

Jessica Ennis’ coach, Toni Minichiello, has hit out at a top but unnamed UK Athletics official, whom he accused of labelling hepathlete as “fat”.

Toni Minichiello, who has coached the 2012 poster girl since she was 11 years old, told Guardian that a “high‑ranking person” – he would not say exactly who – had suggested “that she’s fat and she’s got too much weight”.

Dismissed the criticism, Minichiello reinforced that both Ennis’s weight and body fat percentage had remained constant in recent times. On the eve of Ennis’ key pre-Olympics competition in Götzis, this weekend, Minichiello told how hard has to work to protect Jessica from all the “distractions” and interference that come with being one of British leading gold medal hopes.

Jessica Ennis, who won a silver medal at last year’s World Championships, is known as Britain’s golden girl. She has an incredible physique and was, thus, chosen to model the Stella McCartney-designed British Olympic kit.

“I get emails, phone calls, text messages and voicemails giving me advice on what I should be doing with Jessica Ennis that’s going to make a difference. It’s a lot of background noise that you can get easily distracted by”, said 45-year-old Minichiello.

“I always read it and have a look and think maybe there is something there. Yes, it might be a great idea, but it’s not a great idea for today, it’s a great idea for next year. I’ve never had any issue with her weight or shape. There are times I’ve wished she was taller, but that’s it”, he added.

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