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‘Earth Day’ inspires Google to come up with ‘Geographical’ Doodle

Written on:April 22, 2023
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Earth Day Doodle gets us close to nature

Signifying the Earth Day with a Doodle, prolific search engine Google displayed it with yet another interactive piece of work. The recent Doodle is dedicated to the earth processes and the Geography. It displays a unique blend of how day and night persist on planet earth, how the Earth revolves around the sun and how night comes with the moon and the stars twinkling bright. The doodle also features the cycle of seasons - spring, summer, autumn and winter. It has the featured buttons to play and pause by which the Sun and the Moon movement can be controlled. By clicking the clouds one can experience the rains.

With the Doodle, Google has marked the 43rd anniversary of the Earth Day that was first marked back in the year 1969 at the UNESCO conference in San Francisco when John McConnell proposed the idea to mark a day for planet earth and enlighten people to save it. In order to sensitize people across the globe, events are marked. Schools and colleges hold the environment friendly programmes which help teach the young generation to go greener and become nature friendly.

Soon, just a month later when John had proposed the idea of marking the Earth Day, US Senator named Gaylord Nelso who hailed from Wisconsin, proposed April 22 as the date for observing the Earth Day and since then the day has been marked as the Earth Day. Nelson was also a conservationist and an environmental activist and he pushed for Earth Day celebration as a national teach-in on environmental issues after the frightful oil spill off the coast in 1969.

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