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Blasphemous YouTube video sparks outrage in Muslim fraternity

Written on:September 14, 2023
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Violence erupts in Egypt over sacrilegious Prophet Muhammad video on YouTube

Violence and protests have dominated Libya and Egypt, two months after an American named Sam Bacile uploaded a video on YouTube, which depicted Prophet Muhammad in a negative light, causing an uproar among the ultraconservative Muslims across the Middle-East.

The 14-minute sacrilegious video, which showcased Prophet Muhammad as a perverted fool, was christened “Innocence of Muslims.” The video was dubbed in Arabic, with clips being telecast on Egyptian channels.

The highly offensive content ignited an outrage among conservative Muslims, who stormed into the US embassy in Cairo, Egypt on Tuesday and pulled down the American flag and replaced it with Islamic banner. This sparked off a chain of violent incidents that occurred in Libya, as Libyan protesters burnt down the US consulate in Benghazi, killing J. Christopher Stevens, the US ambassador to Libya and three other officials.

YouTube, on its part, issued a public statement on Wednesday, declaring the blockage of the video from its website.

On Tuesday, protesters in Egypt scuffled with police, who had to use tear gas to contain the angry mob, leading to injuring dozens of people. Demonstrations were also reported outside the US diplomatic facilities in Morocco, Sudan and Tunisia, which had to be dispersed by police by firing tear gas.

Pakistan and Afghanistan, countries which also witnessed deadly violence in the regard, condemned and banned and prevented access to the video online. In Iran, 500 protesters gathered outside Swiss Embassy, screaming “Death to America!”, only to be contained by hundreds of police deployed near the office.

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