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Hillsborough Disaster: Victims’ families demand top cop’s ouster

Written on:September 14, 2023
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Jack Straw believes ex-PM Margaret Thatcher created a ‘culture of impunity’ in Hillsborough police

Chief Constable of the West Yorkshire police force, Sir Norman Bettison, has faced enormous calls to quit his post ever since the revelations Tuesday by the Hillsborough Independent Panel, which heavily censured the police response during the Hillsborough Disaster of 1989, which saw 96 Liverpool football supporters being killed in a crush.

Sir Bettison was a chief inspector with the South Yorkshire force in April 1989 and had participated in the controversial police operation as the disaster unfolded.

The Hillsborough Independent Panel’s report has disclosed that the police and emergency services had earnestly attempted to pass the blame for the tragedy onto the blameless fans. The police had maligned the aficionados by labelling them as intoxicated fans, who had a role to play in the deadly sporting disaster.

56-year-old Sir Bettison has enraged the public even more by unwaveringly defending his actions then. He stated Thursday the police’s job was made more difficult by the drunken fans’ appalling conduct.

Mayor Boris Johnson, ex-local MP Sir Irvine Patnick along with the Football Association have stated sorry to the loved ones of the dead 96.

The families of the ‘Hillsborough 96′ have demanded the ouster of Sir Norman Bettison for his insensitive handling of the disaster and for his unapologetic attitude even now.

Sir Bettison has stated he has nothing to veil. The fans’ behaviour made the police’s task harder than normal in the fatal jam outside Leppings Lane turnstiles.

Sir Bettison denied that the police officers had falsified their notes to besmirch the dead.

Meanwhile, Jack Straw, the ex-Home Secretary, castigated the 1980s’ Margaret Thatcher administration, which, as per Jack Straw, had produced a culture of impunity in the Hillsborough police that led to the abominable police handling of the tragedy.

Conservative MPs were irked by the Labour MP’s comment Thursday. Straw stated the police felt they could ‘rule the roost’ during the Thatcherite era due to her closeness with the force.

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