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Dinah Sheridan, the quintessential English rose, dies at 92

Written on:November 26, 2023
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Dinah Sheridan’s film, The Railway Children, was regarded as one of the best British films ever

Actress Dinah Sheridan, who won the hearts of many viewers with her performances in unforgettable British films like The Railway Children and Genevieve, has passed away at the age of 92.

As per her agent, Dinah Sheridan died tranquilly at her residence in Northwood, Middlesex, engulfed by her family on Sunday.

Despite being born in Hampstead in 1920 to a Russian father and a German mother as Dinah Nadyejda Ginsburg, Dinah Sheridan was regarded as characteristically English because of her elegant persona, which exuded quiet beauty. Her parents were photographers to the Royal family. Dinah elected the name ‘Sheridan’ apparently out of the phone book.

Dinah Sheridan attained her initial stage role at the age of 12 and went on to travel as Wendy in Peter Pan, which starred Charles Haughton as Captain Hook.

Dinah Sheridan had interrupted her acting career in the beginning of WW 2 to become an ambulance driver. In 1942, she got hitched with actor Jimmy Hanley, with whom she procreated three kids. Dinah Sheridan’s son, Jeremy, had attained the post of chairmanship of the Conservative Party in the 1990s. Her daughter, Jenny, was an actress and presenter, hosting the ITV kids’ programme, Magpie.

Subsequent to her estrangement from Jimmy Hanley in 1949, after appearing with him in many films, she experienced celluloid success with comedic Genevieve.

Dinah Sheridan’s second marriage in 1954 to John Davis lasted till 1965. Dinah Sheridan had experienced a breakdown prior to that.

Subsequently, her stage/celluloid career resumed, with Sheridan pouching in 1970 the role of Mrs. Waterbury in The Railway Children. The film was an adaptation of E Nesbit’s 1906 novel, which revolved around three children and their mother being compelled to exchange Edwardian city lavishness for rural impoverishment. The film, which received broad critical commendation subsequent to its release, also starred Jenny Agutter and Sally Thomsett.

Sheridan had memorable roles in BBC sitcoms like All Night Long and Don’t Wait Up. Sheridan married on two more occasions, which ended with her husbands dying before her.

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