Flaming Lips bags Guinness world record for most live shows in 24 hours

Written on:June 29, 2023
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Flaming Lips now a Guinness World Record holder (Image courtesy: 3 song photography)

The Flaming Lips, the US rock band, has made the Guinness World Record for most number of live shows in 24 hours in various cities.

As part of MTV’s O Music Awards, the psychedelic band performed eight times across the Mississippi Delta, beginning in Memphis, Tennessee, and finishing up at the House of Blues in New Orleans, Louisiana, with 20 minutes to spare before the deadline.

The band broke the previous record made by Jay-Z, who played seven shows from Atlanta to Los Angeles in 2006. Various acts, including Jackson Browne, Grace Potter & The Nocturnals, Neon Trees and Jackass stuntman Chris Pontius, joined the band during their record making tour.

The band members were elated to set the record. The frontman Wayne Coyne mentioned how the audience boost their enthusiasm to perform. “At five o’clock this morning you thought you were going to crawl in, barely be able to sing and hope you can just survive it. But as the day went, everywhere we would go they’d give us energy - now I feel I could go another 24 hours,” he said after the official confirmation of the World Record.

However, the singer expressed doubt whether the band would break record again if the present record is broken in future. He described how the thought of leaving a place in hurry rather vexed the committed and passionate band performers, as they wished to perform for longer in that place.

About making a Guiness World Record, Coyne later mentioned in a statement, “To be published alongside the man who ate 22lbs (10kgs) of his own boogers, beside the woman with the longest toenails or perhaps even to be published beside an individual who has had maybe 1,000 cockroaches stuffed into their ears… that, to me, would be one of life’s absurd joys.”

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