Drug abuse rising among UK employees, unveils report

Written on:July 2, 2023
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Workplace drug tests churn out alarming results

The latest workplace drug tests have revealed that nearly a million office-goers in the country carry harmful drugs such as opiates, cannabis and cocaine in their system when at work.

Following meta-analysis of results obtained from some 1.7 million workplace drug tests, drug and alcohol screening agency Concateno found that the number of employees tested positive has increased by almost 50% from 2007.

It is learned that the industries surveyed included retail, policing, logistics, construction, haulage, manufacturing, commerce, occupational health and healthcare.

Expressing serious concern about the findings, Concateno’s lab director Dr Claire George drew employers’ attention, saying that they should be aware of the growing trend and do the needful to curb it.

Indicating that the results only speak half truth since many firms are not equipped with screening infrastructures to monitor employees, Dr George warned that the current figures should be seen only as the tip of the iceberg and can be used to to help alert employers to potentially bigger problems.

“Concateno has seen an increase in the number of businesses seeking assistance with drug and alcohol screening programmes, in order to identify, deter and reduce the risks associated with drug use in the workplace”, she said.

Surprisingly, the report demonstrated that those tested positive for Class A substances such as heroine, cocaine, methadone and amphetamines were found in the age group of 25-34, and not under 25s as expected.

The study also cast light on the trends in drug use, showing that people with a higher disposable income are more prone to taking expensive Class A drugs compared to those who are in the beginning of their career.

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  1. Patty says:

    hell…if this is the case then god bless UK

  2. Pepe_West says:

    MPs and senior bank personnel should also be tested for drug abuse. I am sure it would explain our bank crisis

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