Boris Johnson gives London Grand Prix green light

Written on:June 29, 2023
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London Grand Prix gets green signal from Mayor Boris

Mayor Boris Johnson has backed the plan for a London Grand Prix, on condition that the event won’t put London’s sound levels at an alarming high.

The Mayor, while speaking at the launch of a new cable car system on Thames yesterday, said the proposed London Grand Prix could boost the city’s economy and he has a “broadly positive” outlook about it.

However, he insisted that before a London Grand Prix proposal is sanctioned, “the question of air quality and noise impact will have to be looked at”. Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone’s plan has already created a wave of enthusiasm among lovers of car racing.

Hampstead resident Maurice Bennett reckoned a Grand Prix could be “very exciting” and he is “100% in favour of it”.

Once approved, the race will be held along a route that would cover some of the most iconic landmarks in the city, including The Mall, Trafalgar Square and Buckingham Palace. The cars would touch a high speed of 180mph on the 3.2-mile circuit.

Spanish bank and the sponsor of McLaren Santander has already prepared a feasibility report that speaks in favour of staging a Grand Prix motor racing in London. Boris Johnson also spoke along the same line, saying, “I am always interested in projects that attract jobs and bring growth”.

Meanwhile, Ecclestone pushed the move strongly, foreseeing it as an opportunity for London and England to make further growth and prosperity in tourism and economy. Financial experts also said the event could generate a minimum of £100 million for the city’s economy.

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  1. Tony Dean says:

    this London GP is just a hopeless dream. making track in central London is impossible with such a traffic

  2. K sanders says:

    Really, London GP..sounds so exciting…thanks for the info

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