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Lindsay Lohan arrested: Punches woman in the face, kicks friend out of car

Written on:November 30, 2023
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Lindsay Lohan has another brush with the law at New York night club

The past 24-hours have been hellish for actress Lindsay Lohan, who was arrested and charged with assaulting a woman named Tiffany Eve Mitchell at a New York City nightclub, during an argument, while also losing out on friends after she kicked her assistant out of car which made him resort to Twitter asking her to “get help.”

Gavin Doyle, Lindsay Lohan’s assistant was treated roughly by the actress at the police station when she kicked him out of the yelling expletives, to which Doyle responded on Twitter saying, “@lindsaylohan after bailing you out last night I HOPE and PRAY you get the help you so desperately need. We are ALL rooting for you. xxx”

Witnesses to incident at nightclub claim that Lindsay Lohan was inebriated after drinking excessive amounts of alcohol and using cocaine. But her lawyer Mark Heller claims that Lindsay Lohan was “clear and lucid” yesterday morning and denied the actress being under alcohol or drug influence.

The victim hit by Lindsay Lohan did not require medical attention. Meanwhile, The Mirror reports that Lindsay Lohan had gone to the nightclub to see Justin Bieber and The Wanted at New York’s Madison Square Garden. A witness said that Lindsay Lohan was spotted with Max George after the concert at the hotel bar where four of them including Max Gorge and Lindsay Lohan began drinking before heading off to Avenue club together.

The Mirror quoted the witness as saying, “Come 4am, Lilo seemed quite drunk and you could see it was turning Max off. He then began talking to another woman, which is believed to have enraged Lindsay.” It was then that Lindsay Lohan punched Tiffany Eve Mitchell in the face. The police arrested her with misdemeanour assault charges and released her around 7.30am.

Just a couple of hours later, the drama took a new twist when Lindsay Lohan was charged in California for a crash in June in which her Porsche slammed into a truck.

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