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Jessie J event murder hearing today while her new song leaks online

Written on:October 30, 2023
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Jessie J’s ‘Crazy About You’ leaks online

A ghastly murder took place during Jessie J’s gig at Pulse nightclub in south London in April 2012, as a man was killed after being slashed in the neck with a broken beer bottle, while the singer was performing, the London’s Old Bailey court heard today.

Two stories are doing the rounds about the “one second” murder. One version is that Phillip Sherriff, aged 37, was at the bar at Pulse nightclub in south London when there was jostling by Ashley Charles, aged 26, who was trying to get free beer. A war of words happened between the two men and Charles became irritated and grabbed a bottle from Sherriff’s hand and slashed his neck. The trial continues as Charles denies murder.

Upon learning that Sherriff died at her show, Price tag singer Jessie J was devastated and paid tribute to the dad-of-two after he passed away four days subsequent to the attack. Jessie J tweeted, “I am lost for words. All I can say is my thoughts, love and respects are with the family and children of the man who attended the Blackberry gig last week who sadly lost his life this morning. So sad…”.

Meanwhile, Jessie J’s new song Crazy ‘Bout You, which will be featured on the forthcoming film Silver Linings Playbook’s soundtrack, has leaked online . As news of the leak spread, Jessie J was forced to tweet the details of the song as thus: ’So… @Diane_Warren was asked to write the leading soundtrack song for a new movie called #SilverLining and so … Then.. @Diane_Warren asked me to sing It for the movie *happy dance* obvs I said yes .’

‘So #crazyboutyou is for the new Hollywood movie #SilverLining and I am singing the soundtrack song that @Diane_Warren wrote.’ And then tweeted: ’I must break it to you all this song isn’t supposed to be out yet its been leaked. So all your q’s I have no answers too at the moment.’

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  1. John says:

    Terrible thing to happen. Murder over drinks? Pity.

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