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April Jones news: Police admit April may not be found

Written on:October 9, 2023
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April’s well-wishers paid tribute to her with Chinese lanterns in Machynlleth

Missing April Jones may never be found as police give up hope of finding the five-year-old who went missing a week ago near her home in Machynlleth. A tribute was paid in memory of her by well-wishers who lit candles and released Chinese lanterns into the sky last evening near her home, a few hours after Mark Bridger, charged with the murder of April Jones, sobbed in the court.

Following Mark Bridger’s court appearance, the police admitted that April may never be found. Superintendent Ian John, who has headed the investigation, said, “We have to prepare for the time when we accept that we might never find April. But we are optimistic that the work we are doing is going to give us the best possible chance. If we have to face that consequence, then we will do so and we will share that with the family and the wider community of Machynlleth.”

During his court appearance, a clerk read out the three charges made against Mark Bridger, including the abduction of missing April and the attempt to pervert the course of justice by disposing of her body. When asked if he understood the charges levied against him, Mark Bridger’s voice cracked and rose several octaves as he replied “Yes” to each one, with tear-filled eyes, and shaking his head side to side.

Mark Bridger faced a volley of abuse as he was driven to and from Aberystwyth magistrates’ court, where a group of around 50 locals yelled “scum”, kicked the prison van and threw drinks bottles.

April’s parents are still hopeful of April being found. Coral Jones, April’s mother, posted on Facebook: “April has still not been found, I am not giving up hope that she will come home, so please keep looking for my baby girl April.”

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    I agree with Will’s comment…. on what basis has the police arrested Mark Bridger?…. April Jones’ dead body hasn’t been found yet….the story is scary… it is also a story that makes you feel really sorry for the victim’s mother… her Facebook message was really touching…

  2. Benjamin says:

    This is a heartbreaking story….It is going to weaken the heart of any person, who hears this news…. I hope that due justice is delivered….and yeah, hopefully, April Jones will be found…got to hope!… that is all that sensitive people can do…….

  3. Will says:

    How can Mark Bridger’s be arrested and charged for murder when the girl’s body hasn’t been found? Where is the evidence?

  4. Den says:

    How can police say they may never find April? It’s their duty to keep the search on

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