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Jimmy Savile may lose his knighthood, implies David Cameron

Written on:October 9, 2023
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David Cameron has referred to the Jimmy Savile sexual abuse scandal as deeply troubling

PM David Cameron has cued to ITV1 on Tuesday that Jimmy Savile could be posthumously stripped of his knighthood in the aftermath of unsavoury allegations of sexual abuse against the former BBC radio and TV presenter, who passed away in 2011.

Late Jimmy Savile has been in the news lately as scores of females have accused him of sexually abusing them over the years. The ITV Jimmy Savile documentary had initially spotlighted the sexual abuse allegations, revealing claims of his sexual abuse of underage girls.

David Cameron has asserted to ITV1’s Daybreak programme that he deemed that this profoundly disturbing case should be investigated by a Whitehall committee, which is empowered to recommend forfeiture of the knighthood bequeathed to any person.

Lord Patten, the BBC Trust’s chairman, presented his endorsement to inquests by the police and the corporation. Lord Patten has voiced to a business dinner in Cardiff on Monday that Jimmy Saville’s behaviour was unpardonable. To excuse his alleged sexually criminal demeanor by voicing that this kind of demeanor was ‘common’ in the 1960s and 1970s is unacceptable.

David Cameron voiced in Daybreak that the latest news of Jimmy Savile was immensely distressing. Cameron urged every organisation ‘with responsibilities’ to scrutinise what occurred. Upon the completion of the scrutiny, appropriate action will have to be meted out to the persons guilty of overlooking the sexual abuse reality during Jimmy Saville’s lifetime.

BBC Director-General, George Entwistle, apologised on Monday to the victims of Jimmy Saville’s alleged sexual mistreatment. BBC would arrange an inquest to go to this matter’s depth. Entwistle has uttered to BBC Radio 4 that the BBC would hold an investigation after the police implemented its own inquiry into these unsettling claims.

Meanwhile, ex-Radio 1 DJ, Liz Kershaw, has remarked that jokes about Jimmy Savile’s sexual ‘appetite’ were commonplace at Radio 1 in the 1980s. Nonetheless, Kershaw’s claim of being molested by another DJ on air in the 1980s has been discredited by former Radio 1 DJ, Mike Smith, who has labeled Kershaw’s claim as a practical joke. Smith deems that there is a witch-hunt against the BBC.

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  1. davis says:

    Jimmy Savile case is just being highlighted….its sad..focus on more important issues

  2. Paul says:

    Appalling Dave what about Jersey where Jimmy went- more cover up?
    We at Trafalgar Court Mundesley have been asking for action from the Conservatives for 12 years over a £500,000 fraud- Grant Shapp’s doesn’t want to know!

  3. Oliver says:

    The least that can be done, if the allegations are true, is the removal of the knighthood from Jimmy Savile….however, could this be a concerted campaign to malign the BBC?….

  4. Mickey says:

    How does it matter!!… The man is dead now…. but it does create bitterness in you when you hear such criminal stories about a person, who had been knighted in his lifetime….

  5. Jenny says:

    It too late now….he’s dead.

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