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Paramount Pictures plans theme park in Kent to rival Disneyland Paris

Written on:October 8, 2023
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The Kent entertainment park, akin to Disneyland Paris, will create thousands of jobs

Disneyland Paris may become a reality in Kent as a vast entertainment resort is being planned for that area. An abandoned cement works site in Kent is to be converted into a £2 billion theme park, which will rival the scale and magnificence of Paris Disneyland.

Paramount Pictures desires to revolutionise the aforementioned 872 acre site in Kent, which is a brownfield land on the Swanscombe peninsula between Dartford and Gravesend. Reconstruction of this site for the theme park would see it transformed into an area that is twice the extent of the mammoth Olympic Park.

This project, if it achieves fruition, will contain Europe’s biggest indoor water park, roller coasters, theatres, live music areas, cinema houses, restaurants and hotels. It will sound like a tantalising project for aficionados of entertainment parks. The abovementioned site is 17 minutes from London and two hours from the French capital.

A confederation of companies has established the London Resort Company Holdings (LRCH). The confederation has already formalised a licensing pact with Paramount Pictures to refurbish the abovementioned site.

The theme park is likely to create in excess of 27,000 jobs and pour mammoth money into the local economy, which is a piece of news that will be welcomed by the UK public presumably as the recessionary weather in the country refuses to leave fully.

Tony Sefton, the project chief of LRCH, has voiced that their mission is to establish a first-rate entertainment spot in the UK.

LRCH has compared the positive effects of the potential theme park with the momentous advantages that the Olympic Park provided to eastern London.

LRCH seeks global investors for this mammoth project and intends to request the UK government to fund certain infrastructural costs. The tentative opening for the theme park is 2018.

Nonetheless, the project could be opposed by environmentalist lobbies as the abovementioned Kent site is a hotspot for wading birds. The site is in the vicinity of where the remnants of the 250,000-year-old ‘Swanscombe Man’ were detected.

But Sefton has pledged a meticulous consultation with all relevant stakeholders.

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  1. Graeme says:

    If this project does happen, it would thrill me as I love to visit such grand entertainment arenas…. I have been to Disneyland Paris once… what an awesome experience that was!…. Yes… Kent’s economy would be bolstered by this project, if and when it is completed…..

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