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Black Friday 2012: Amazon offers week-long Black Friday deals for low prices

Written on:November 23, 2023
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London’s West End will host a special shopping event on Saturday where over £100m is expected to be spent

Black Friday 2012 will have the American tradition travelling all the way to Britain as Amazon promises bonanza Black Friday deals, making thousands of items available for reduced prices. Customers can avail an average discount of 40% on current Amazon prices on more than 1,000 products under its week-long Black Friday deals called “Black Friday Week”.

Every year, retailer in the US hold big discounts which witnesses customers queuing up early to make the most of the discounts. The term Black Friday represents retailers going into “black” when they begin to turn to profits, after going through nine months in the “red”.

The Amazon Black Friday deals have been effective since 2010 when Amazon brought in the Black Friday sale trend to the UK. Amazon Black Friday deals termed as “Lightning Deals” offer a limited number of heavily discounted products.

Until November 26, 2012, which is the Cyber Monday and also known as the busiest online shopping day of the year, Amazon is attempting to keep customers hooked to its Black Friday deals. This year in the US, the Black Friday trend has gone a step ahead as retailers plan to open their stores at 8pm on Thanksgiving, giving customers longer number of hours to enjoy their shopping experience.

For this Christmas, Amazon will distribute customer orders from eight UK centres with a combined size of almost five million square feet.

Over £100m is expected to be spent on Saturday alone at a special shopping event in London’s West End that will see Oxford Street and Regent Street closed off to cars for 12 hours. Scots are not far behind as Black Friday 2012 will see Scotland spend approximately £17 million in online shopping.

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