Boozing will cost Prince Harry the pilot’s seat in frontline

Written on:March 13, 2024
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Military officers have asked Prince Harry to choose between his army duties and boozing, cautioning that he won’t be considered for his second stint in Afghanistan if he doesn’t abstain from alcohol.

The Prince of Wales is warned that on returning from the Commonwealth Jubilee tour, he should focus completely on his pilot training course that involves flying the AugustaWestland Apache – a combat helicopter widely used in Afghanistan to provide close air support to the ground forces.

Sources said Prince Harry has been told that the choice he will be making will have decisive implications on the prospects of his future military assignments. If he wants to see himself as part of the frontline combat division of the Army Air Corps, he will have to first stop slipping into pubs at every opportunity.

Harry has been told that his whole life is now dedicated to the Apache. If it isn’t, he won’t go to war — it’s as simple as that. It’s black and white, and the choice is his”, senior officers said, emphasising that the Prince has to work hard for the remainder of his training course to stand any chance of being selected in the elite group that will head for Afghanistan.

Harry is expected to return home from his tour to Jamaica tomorrow, amidst hopes that he would be treating his military commitments with due seriousness. Yesterday a royal spokesperson said the 27-year-old member of the British Royal Family is taking his military responsibilities as priority and is looking forward to pilot the Apache in Helmand.

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