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Christmas shopping fever continues in London as people spend £200m over weekend

Written on:December 17, 2023
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People are shopping extensively in preparation for Christmas, which is leaving a big smile on the retailers’ faces

As Christmas looms, the West End buying flurry continued uninterrupted over the weekend with shoppers spending a projected £200 million, which has broken the trading record set a week ago. The trading record of the weekend before the last one was £150 million.

The hectic West End buying and spending spree has left the retailers across Bond Street, Oxford Street and Regent Street a satisfied lot. The West End buying activity has been so intense that the New West End Company has revealed that shopper numbers were up by 17.7% on the same weekend in 2011. As per the New West End Company, the next eight days are likely to be a significant period for the zone as regards sales.

Maggie Porteous, chief of selling operations for John Lewis, has voiced that it was terrific news to have already had two record weeks, bot witnessing sales of in excess of £140 million for the first time.

Regent Street store, Liberty, has also experienced a record-breaking weekend with the number of shoppers up 25% as opposed to the same weekend in 2011. Spokeswoman Kate Brindley has asserted that the last weekend was the best one for the store in terms of the proceeds earned and the transactions made. Beauty, accessories and handbags sold rapidly over the weekend, expressed Brindley.

West End shoppers have expressed that there is immense enthusiasm in them as the Christmas day appears as the shoppers desire to be prepared in the best possible manner for Christmas. However, the shoppers have also remarked that they want to control their temptations as the West End buying spree can make them purchase excessively. Thus, products, which will not be used by the consumers regularly, could be bought by them in the excitement over Christmas.

Perfumes, mats, napkins and various other products, traditionally preferred by customers, have been purchased in copious amounts this year.

Jace Tyrrell, the director of the New West End Company, has remarked that most retailers receive half their yearly profits during the Christmas period. This period is a magnificent and lucrative trading opportunity for retailers.

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  1. David says:

    Let everyone enjoy Christmas…however, it must not be commercialised disproportionately…

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