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US elementary school massacre: Killer Adam Lanza was a troubled boy

Written on:December 17, 2023
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Barack Obama has tried to soothe the grief of the Americans over the Connecticut school shooting

As Barack Obama attempted to assuage America’s anguish over the school shooting in Connecticut, the state’s police officers have voiced that 20-year-old Adam Lanza, the perpetrator of the massacre, may have been affected by a personality or developmental disorder.

Adam Lanza’s violent binge on Friday slayed 27 people in the Sandy Hook Elementary School, including 20 children. Responding to the ghastly shooting in the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, Barack Obama has stated that he would engage with the American voters as part of an endeavour to ward off such tragedies in the future.

The aforesaid response of the US President during a speech in Connecticut in a secondary school hall is likely to dissatisfy those Democrats, who have been urging incisive legislative action from the President on ‘gun control.’

Adam Lanza, who died in the Connecticut school shooting and killed his Mom, Nancy, apparently, has been characterised by his ex-schoolmates as intelligent and assiduous. But shyness and nervousness were also inherent ingredients of Lanza’s personality, as per the memories that his ex-schoolmates have about him.

Richard Novia, who was ‘security chief’ at Newtown High School, in which Lanza studied, has asserted that Lanza had some disabilities. Novia remarked to AP that Adam Lanza was protective of his personal space and occasionally seemed to withdraw into himself or take flight. Adam Lanza’s Mom was called to the school occasionally to resolve issues related to her son.

The ex-security chief, who helped to administer a technology club, which Adam Lanza attended, has remarked that he had to eye Lanza carefully while the club was employing soldiering or electrical equipment. If Adam Lanza had ignited himself, he wouldn’t have felt it physically, voiced Novia.

As per medical experts, an inability to react to sensation and difficulty in relating to other people could be a sign of Asperger’s Syndrome, a type of autism. There isn’t a connection between autism and violent behaviour but the autistic people can find it cumbersome to behave as per ‘social norms’, voice these specialists.

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  1. Boris says:

    It is not necessary that all persons, with mental wobbliness, will behave violently…that must be remembered…

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