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Eva Rausing’s death result of cocaine intoxication, weak heart condition

Written on:December 14, 2023
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The Westminster Coroner’s Court was hearing the post-mortem report into Eva Rausing’s death

Eva Rausing, the spouse of multimillionaire Hans Kristian Rausing, died due to cocaine abuse, as per a coroner. Her corpse had been detected in an advanced state of decay on July 9, two months after her demise. Eva Rausing’s corpse had been undetected for two months at the couple’s residence in Belgravia in central London.

Shirley Radcliffe, deputy coroner, has voiced that Eva Rausing passed away as a consequence of cocaine intoxication. The fact that she had a negative heart condition contributed to her death. Shirley Radcliffe has expressed to the hearing into Eva Rausing’s death that the woman had tricuspid valve disease. The deputy coroner further characterised Eva Rausing’s death as a result of the dependent abuse of drugs.

Westminster Coroner’s Court was told that Eva Rausing’s body was unearthed in a room littered with flies. The dead body of Eva Rausing, a mother of four, was concealed under a pile of bedding with a foil pipe in her possession.

A post-mortem into Eva Rausing’s death learnt that the woman died on May 7. Toxicology reports related to her death demonstrated that she had cocaine, opiates and amphetamine sin her blood.

Eva Rausing had undergone a heart surgery in August 2006, following which a pacemaker was attached to her. After Eva Rausing’s death, in the post-mortem report, it was mentioned that Eva Rausing had endured a non-survivable heart rhythm on the day she died.

Hans Kristian Rausing has voiced to the coroner’s hearing into Eva Rausing’s death that he couldn’t confront the reality of his wife’s death. He had been destroyed by Eva Rausing’s death, with his wife being described by him as beloved.

Hans Kristian Rausing conceded that, in hindsight, he hadn’t acted sensibly by concealing Eva Rausing’s body and by thwarting her lawful and decent interment.

Because of this admission of his, Hans Kristian Rausing received a punishment of 10 months in prison, suspended for two years, at the Isleworth Crown Court in August.

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