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French Alps shooting: French cyclist recounts the horror

Written on:September 11, 2023
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Cyclist relives horror of discovering the battered girl alive

A French cyclist, who discovered the massacred family in the car that was bombarded with bullets, leaving only a four-year-old girl and a brutally injured seven-year-old girl, described how he discovered the seven-year-old who he thought to be dead after being brutally battered and left to die.

Phillippe D, the French cyclist who discovered the girl, said, “She wasn’t responding to our calls. I tapped her hands but she did not respond. I even spoke a few words in English, because I saw the car was registered in Great Britain. But there was nothing. To me, she was dead.”

He went down the hill to the Alpine beauty spot near Lake Annecy to call for emergency services. Phillipe D even said that he had noticed the British cyclist who also had been shot several times at the crime scene, to have sped down on his cycle.

“He was in a panic and was coming down the route. He explained to me with difficulty in bad French that there had been a drama a little higher up. He wanted to alert the emergency services. I wasn’t sure whether he didn’t have a mobile telephone, or he couldn’t get a signal up there”, Phillippe D explained.

41-year-old Phillippe D said he then followed the cyclist for a couple of metres before arriving at the hillside car park where the four victims had been killed. “I approached the car. I didn’t touch anything, but I saw at once that there was nothing more to be done. There was no sign of life.” He added that he had heard no shooting and “seen nobody passing… not a car or motorbike.”

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