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Hillsborough Disaster: David Cameron urges sceptics to change mindset

Written on:September 13, 2023
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The Hillsborough Independent Panel’s report castigates the wrongful police behaviour

PM David Cameron has requested his Conservative rival, Boris Johnson, and others to come to their senses and acknowledge the facts about the sordid Hillsborough disaster, which produced 96 demises of Liverpool football aficionados at Sheffield Wednesday’s Hillsborough stadium.

David Cameron expressed his deep-seated apology for the inordinate time consumed to reach the truth about what occurred in the Hillsborough tragedy of April 1989.

Documents published Tuesday by the Hillsborough Independent Panel demonstrated that the police and the emergency services had attempted determinedly to transfer the blame for the disaster onto the blameless fans.

The Panel had been supervising the discharge of thousands of official documents connected to the Hillsborough disaster, which was the UK’s most fatal sporting catastrophe.

David Cameron voiced in the Commons that the Panel’s report and these released documents were agonising. The report displayed that the police ran criminal database and alcohol monitoring on the deceased to try to defame them. The police’s action to malign the dead Liverpool football backers was utterly incorrect. The PM offered an apology to the kith and kin of the 96 dead.

Cameron asserted the report unequivocally mentions that the Liverpool football fans were not the cause of the tragedy. Cameron criticised certain newspapers like The Sun, which sensationalised the disaster by reporting that certain fans were intoxicated, violent and had thieved from the dead.

Labour leader Ed Miliband also sent his apology to the relatives and the country for the inability of previous Labour governments to touch the truth quicker as regards this colossal tragedy.

Boris Johnson, in 2004, in an editorial in the Spectator magazine, stated that the Liverpool fans were partially to blame for the tragedy due to their drunkenness, which resulted in Johnson receiving a flood of angry responses from people. Johnson subsequently apologised to victims’ families while touring Liverpool.

The PM said this report must change the minds of certain people, who believed the tragedy was due to the fans’ inebriation.

Hillsborough report to be made available to victim’s families

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