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Hillsborough report to be made available to victim’s families

Written on:September 12, 2023
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Hillsborough memorial remembering the fallen

It has been 23 years since disaster struck at the Sheffield Wednesday’s Hillsborough Stadium when 96 Liverpool football fans were crushed to their death.

Hillsborough Independent Panel has been creating an anthology of the event which will be released on Wednesday to the people who were affected by this tragic incident.

On 15 April, 1989 Liverpool fans arrived in huge numbers to support their team against Nottingham Forest in an FA Cup semi-final unaware of a stampede which was about to unveil a tragedy.

The 400,000 pages of the anthology has been prepared by 80 organisations including the Government, Yorkshire Police, Sheffield City Council, the South Yorkshire coroner, the fire and ambulance services.The authorities and the people have been playing the blame game since the human crush took place. The report published in 1990 inquiring the reasons of the disaster concluded that it was a failure of police control.

The victim’s families have found no solace as they reciprocate their emotions about injustice that no individual or organisation has been punished for the stampede.They believe that the South Yorkshire Police lacked proper planning for handling the mob mentality and the absence of medical facilities added to their woes. The families also disputed the investigation for finding a single result for the human crush as accidental death.

The approval for releasing the report to the suffering families was signed after 140,000 people submitted a government e-petition arranged by a Liverpool fan Brian Irvine, to instigate a debate in the House of Commons.

The report will be presented to the victim’s families at Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral. Cabinet papers are generally not published in the UK until 30 years after they have written, but the MP’s agreed to full disclosure as the papers might provide the people with answers that they have been searching for.

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