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Heather McKay death: Police find body in West Lothian woodland

Written on:September 5, 2023
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Heather McKay was found dead in West Lothian woodland

Police have found the body of 51-year-old Heather McKay who went missing on August 24 in West Lothian, a few days after splitting from her then boyfriend Gary Winters.

Police found the body in dense woodland between the A89 south of Dechmont village located in West Lothian and the M8 in Livingston.

The family of Heather McKay, which includes her two children Andrea and Kevin Waddell, has been alerted of the find. The children had put up a brave front and put all their efforts to help police find their mum. They had set up posters, took to social networking to find their mother.

A page on Facebook which has been dedicated for Heather McKay’s search was joined by more than 7600 people, and the hashtag #findheather is trending on Twitter.

Apparently, Gary Winters, Heather’s ex-boyfriend also left messages on Fscebook addressing Heather to get in touch with her family. His first post came 12 hours after Heather went missing.

As part of Heather McKay’s search operation, police circulated thousands of leaflets and posters in the village and nearby areas, and inquired with parents dropping their children off at the local primary school.

Formal identification of the body is pending for want of autopsy. Heather McKay was last seen at her friend’s place in Craiglaw, Dechmont at around 7.30 am on Friday August 24th.

Heather McKay, a care worker at NHS, the night before she disappeared, had spoken to her daughter about buying a one-bedroom flat. Andrea Waddell said that she had sounded “upbeat.”

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