Hosepipe ban lifted, flood alerts stay in place

Written on:June 13, 2023
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Anglian Water, Southern Water and Thames Water lift water restrictions

Torrential downpours across Britain have at last made three of the UK’s biggest water companies to lift hosepipe bans that have been in place since April, but as Brits see the end of drought, further flash floods warnings have been issued.

Thames Water, Anglian Water and Southern Water will announce the end of the restrictions today to officially lift the ban from tomorrow. The decision to lift the ban comes after the risk of a severe drought in England was subsided due to the wettest April on record, heavy downpour in May and predictions of record rainfall in June.

The Environment Agency last week said almost all reservoirs are now at least 75% full and river flows have returned to normal for the time of year. But, South East Water , Sutton and East Surrey Water, Veolia Water Central and Veolia Water Southeast still have hosepipe bans remaining in place.

Meanwhile, another severe weather warnings were issued due to 36 hours of continuous rainfall. Flood alerts on four rivers in Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and West Sussex will remain in place. The Environment Agency had a further 38 flood alerts in place.

After reports of floodwater rising to 6 feet, rescue centres were set up near the village of Elmer and boats were dispatched to help 250 people. According to the forecast, wet weather is set to continue into the weekend and heavy, slow-moving showers are set to bring more misery.

“Due to the nature of showers, some areas will miss them altogether, but where they do occur, large amounts of rainfall are possible in a short space of time which has the potential to cause flooding”, said Met Office chief forecaster Andy Page.

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  1. Jessie, Greenwich says:

    Charlton is among the worst affected areas this year. I beg the authorities to kindly do something for the residents who are living in dreadful conditions because of the continuous downpour. Regards.

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