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Jack Whitehall’s Queen joke on Big Fat Quiz of the Year causes public outcry

Written on:January 2, 2024
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Jack Whitehall has tweeted that he and James Cordon were very drunk during the show’s recording

A vulgar joke about the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh on The Big Fat Quiz of the Year TV show has led to Ofcom receiving numerous complaints from incensed viewers. The pre-recorded programme, hosted by Jimmy Carr, also consisted of sexual jokes about the US President Barack Obama, singer Susan Boyle and record-breaking athlete Usain Bolt.

The Big Fat Quiz of the Year was broadcast on Sunday evening on Channel 4, which has made the channel also the subject of the ire of those people, who have complained to Ofcom.

The lewd joke about the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh was voiced by comedian Jack Whitehall, who joked about the bladder infection suffered by the Duke of Edinburgh last summer. Jack Whitehall, seen at the UK Comedy Awards in December at Fountain Studios in Wembley, also cracked a bawdy joke about the legendary Olympic gold medalist, Usain Bolt. The comedian stated that Bolt could ‘rake it in’ by going to stud like the retired racehorse Frankel.

Jack Whitehall joked coarsely that the Queen had been standing throughout her Diamond Jubilee Celebrations due to the Duke of Edinburgh’s hospitalisation on account of a bladder infection.

A large proportion of the contentious humour on the Big Fat Quiz of the Year came from Gavin and Spacey star, James Corden, and Jack Whitehall. Both were assisted by Jonathan Ross, who was suspended from the BBC in 2008 subsequent to him and Russell Brand leaving obscene messages on the answerphone of veteran actor, Andrew Sachs.

Jonathan Ross subsequently exited the BBC as he desired to keep the BBC away from the immense negative press that he was attracting over the Andrew Sachs lewd messages controversy. During the recording of Sunday’s Big Fat Quiz of the Year episode, James Corden and Jack Whitehall guzzled wine, which was admitted by Whitehall on Twitter.

Channel 4 has, however, defended its decision to broadcast the lewd Queen jokes and other controversial pieces of humour. The channel has remarked that the viewers were warned about the contentious content prior to the show’s broadcast on Sunday night.

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  1. ant says:

    Wow lets get offended by everything. If you dont like it do not watch it. All jokes offend someone or something, nothing was meant to harm.

  2. Vic says:

    Not offensive - a joke and that is all. Typical massive over-reaction from people with no sense of humour. All that was implied was that the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh are sexually active - so what? This was only made into a problem because the ‘contestants’ were drinking. So were most of the viewers I’m sure. Get over it, we’re not in to censorship in this country and it was after the watershed. If you don’t like it, don’t watch.

  3. Mark says:

    Lighten up. They are jokes. Sticks and Stones etc !!!!
    If you don’t like the content don’t watch the show.

  4. Callum says:

    Complaints from avid Mail readers with no sense of humour. Fact.

  5. Jay says:

    So it’s ok to bump your daughter in law off but no for someone to tell jokes about the old evil parasite. Really?

  6. Lee says:

    Oh lighten up for goodness sake.No malice was intended and nobody was abused.

  7. Bella says:

    I think what you mean to report is that DailyMail article accusing them of being offensive causes people to complain. People, they are jokes. If you don’t like it, don’t watch. The quizzes always feature risky jokes. No one has complained any other year. Newspapers like Daily Mail should focus on real stories and stop drumming up hate campaigns.

  8. Mr Smith says:

    Wow… the nation needs to grow up. Granted, the jokes were not funny but neither were they offensive.

  9. James says:

    Wait a minute. Whitehall was just doing his job and telling jokes. If anyone’s to blame, blame channel 4 for airing it in first place, not jack

  10. queen says:

    omg what a lad its only only comedy stop getting your knickers in a twist

  11. Jason says:

    Didn’t like the jokes…

  12. Jasper says:

    really offensive joke in a drunken condition…Whitehall is not a good role model for youngsters…

  13. Marcus says:

    jokes were in poor taste……really distasteful…

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