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Jeremy Paxman not a bully, say parents of UCL student criticised by BBC host

Written on:February 13, 2024
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BBC has defended Jeremy Paxman, saying his sharp remarks have been a part of University Challenge’s popularity

Jeremy Paxman, the BBC presenter, who criticised a UCL student for answering a query wrongly during University Challenge, has been branded as rude, nasty and a bully by viewers. The BBC has voiced that there were 44 complaints that Jeremy Paxman was very harsh during the University Challenge exchange with the UCL student. The Jeremy Paxman exchange with the UCL student, which has made him receive a tirade from many persons, took place during a quick-fire round towards the conclusion of the quiz. But the UCL student’s parents have defended Jeremy Paxman’s treatment of their son following the incorrect reply.

The parents of the UCL student, Tom Tyszczuk Smith, have voiced that those persons, critical of Jeremy Paxman, had reacted over-sensitively As per the parents, their son was naturally reserved and had been looking forward to participate in the University Challenge. Tom’s mother, Dr. Renata Tyszczuk, who teaches architecture at Sheffield University, has uttered that Jeremy Paxman is always a little tough while dealing with the contestants. She refuted accusations that Jeremy Paxman is a bully and voiced that everything happened in good spirit in the University Challenge.

The mother expressed that, at times, Tom was slightly uncomfortable during the event due to his shyness. But the mother claimed that she was proud of her clever son’s performance at the event. Tom’s father, Dr. Joe Smith, who is senior environmental lecturer at Open University, has remarked that Tom enjoyed being involved in the University Challenge and considered Jeremy Paxman and the production team congenial. The father voiced that Tom would have been far more irritated at himself than Jeremy Paxman for incorrectly responding to a query.

The University Challenge episode was broadcast on Monday night, which consisted of UCL defeating Bangor by 190 points to 125. The UCL student had wrongly answered Jeremy Paxman’s question: “‘The liberties of England and the Protestant religion I will maintain’. Which royal figure made this claim when he landed at Brixham, in Devon, in 1688?” The third-year medical student answered William I when the correct answer was William III (William of Orange). The student appeared disturbed by Jeremy Paxman’s response and lowered his head, saying sorry repeatedly as he shook his head.

A BBC spokesman has remarked that Jeremy Paxman’s bitter remarks have long been part of University Challenge’s appeal, with the watchers and challengers knowing what to expect from the presenter.

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