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ITV Exposure: Jimmy Savile accessed Broadmoor to befriend criminals

Written on:November 22, 2023
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Jimmy Savile

Jimmy Savile accessed Broadmoor freely to build contacts with high-profile criminals, as per his ex-PA

Janet Cope, the ex-personal assistant of Late Jimmy Savile, has remarked to the ITV Exposure documentary that Jimmy Savile petrified many people. Janet Cope has also asserted that BBC’s Jimmy Savile unperturbedly accessed Broadmoor, the high-security psychiatric hospital, so that he could build contacts with high-ranking criminals lodged in the institution.

The ITV Exposure documentary on Jimmy Savile, telecast on Wednesday, is the second ITV Jimmy Savile documentary after the explosive one in October, which showed several females leveling sexual abuse allegations against the former BBC presenter. The ITV Exposure documentary on Wednesday dug deeper into the sexual abuse accusations against Jimmy Savile during different phases of his life.

Janet Cope revealed to ITV Exposure that she hadn’t eyed Jimmy Savile abusing anyone but she felt that Savile was a domineering kind of person. Cope mentioned that she was chary of going too close to Savile as she was aware of the way in which the man operated. There was a hideous undercurrent linked to Jimmy Savile’s public personality, which not many persons viewed, voiced Janet Cope to the ITV Exposure documentary.

Meanwhile, an ex-female patient of Broadmoor Hospital in Berkshire has also proclaimed to the ITV Exposure documentary that Jimmy Savile would walk in on women as they bathed at Broadmoor. Jimmy Savile once attempted to fondle her breast as she was bathing, expressed the ex-female patient anonymously to the ITV Exposure documentary.

When this unnamed female patient complained about Savile to the hospital authorities, she had to spend months in lonely confinement.

Ex-Conservative MP Edwina Currie has voiced to ITV Exposure that Jimmy Savile detected a sequence of problems at Broadmoor. He apparently intended to use these data to intimidate the staff there.

Also, the Jimmy Savile scandal may compel the BBC to chop its reruns of vintage editions of Top of the Pops on BBC 4. Classic shows from the 1970s, featuring the now discredited presenter, have already been removed from the BBC schedule. BBC4 controller, Richard Klein, has remarked that a decision on this issue needs to be taken sensibly, legally and by respecting public sentiments.

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  1. Jacob says:

    How much more sexual dirt there is to be revealed, I wonder……

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