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Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal: Number of potential victims crosses 500

Written on:December 12, 2023
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The police are to publish a report in 2013 on the details of their investigation into the Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal

The Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal now has more than 500 potential victims, who have come to the police with the complaint that they were sexually abused by the Late BBC DJ. Detectives have registered more than 200 instances of child sex crimes allegedly perpetrated by the Late BBC presenter, who was knighted in his lifetime.

The detectives, investigating the Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal, will publicise a report in 2013 about the progress of their investigations. The sex abuse allegations against Jimmy Savile erupted in a major way after the ITV Exposure documentary on the man in October.

A police spokesman has remarked that, to date, in excess of 500 alleged sex abuse victims have come forward. The police have recorded 200 accusations of sexual assault against Jimmy Savile. Particulars regarding the Jimmy Savile sex abuse allegations are still being evaluated.

The police hope that their aforesaid report in the New Year on the Jimmy Savile sex abuse investigations will present a lucid picture on Jimmy Savile’s sexual criminality. The aforesaid police spokesman has also voiced his wish that their report will help to construct future child protection statutory safeguards.

The sexual abuse allegations against Jimmy Savile range from him allegedly abusing young girls and boys on BBC precincts, in hospitals, care homes and even in the Broadmoor psychiatric hospital.

The police investigation into the Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal resulted in the arrest of a sixth man in his 60s on Monday on the suspicion of having done sexual crimes.

The 500 potential sex abuse victims of Jimmy Savile, who have come forward to the police with tales of them being victimised, represent the extent of the rottenness of the Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal, which has sliced the conscience of the nation and recommenced a debate on paedophilia and statutory child protection.

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