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Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal: Operation Yewtree detectives arrest sixth suspect

Written on:December 10, 2023
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PR specialist Max Clifford, was taken to Belgravia police station on suspicion of having perpetrated sexual offences

The Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal, being investigated by Scotland Yard, has led to the arrest of a sixth man in his 60s, on the suspicion of having committed sexual crimes. The sexagenarian male, who hails from London, was detained some minutes before 7 in the morning and subsequently transported to a south London police station.

The man was arrested as part of Operation Yewtree, which represents the inquest into the Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal, which involves abhorrent allegations of sexual abuse against the Late BBC DJ and presenter.

Operation Yewtree consists of a squad of 30 detectives and has cost nearly £2 million. The detectives are also investigating allegations of sex abuse against other contemporary and historical figures of the entertainment industry.

Previous Thursday, the detectives had interrogated prominent PR expert, Max Clifford, who was arrested at his Surrey residence on suspicion of sexual crimes and sent to central London’s Belgravia police station for questioning.

Max Clifford, arrested as part of Scotland Yard investigations into the Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal, has remarked that the accusations against him were detrimental and false. The allegations have disconcerted him, his loved ones and his wife, expressed Clifford, who has voiced that he has never behaved in the shameful way, in which he has been accused of behaving.

In November, Scotland Yard had voiced that it was handling around 450 potential victims, with a majority claiming to be sexually mistreated by Jimmy Savile.

Other ‘eminent’ personalities arrested in relation to the Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal include pop star Gary Glitter, comedian/singer Freddie Starr, DJ Dave Lee Travis and a 70-year-old man reported to be ex-TV producer, Wilfred De’Ath.

The Scotland Yard investigation into the Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal has been dubbed by the police force as a watershed investigation into child sex abuse in UK history. It has been alleged that Jimmy Savile had sexually abused hundreds of young females and even some boys over a period of 40 years. During this time, Jimmy Savile was a renowned media figure, who attained the knighthood.

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  1. Kim says:

    Another arrest… the unpalatable story continues…

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