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British wildlife lover robbed and killed in his farm in South Africa

Written on:November 26, 2023
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The South African Police Service says the machete was used by the robbers to attack the Preece couple

Christopher Preece, a 54-year-old British man, who desired to run a natural preserve in his rural farm in South Africa, has been murdered during a successful robbery attempt on his farm, as per the South African Police Service.

The robbery attempt on Saturday night on the farm of Christopher Preece, near the town of Ficksburg, led to Preece bleeding to death. His farm is positioned close to the border with Lesotho, as per Captain Phumelelo Dhlamini.

In accordance with Captain Dhlamini, Christopher Preece had stepped out to unearth the reason behind the electricity to his farm being cut. At that moment, Preece was reportedly assaulted savagely by three men with machetes and ‘pangas.’

Felicity, the 56-year-old wife of Christopher Preece, was also wounded gravely during the robbery attempt. She is currently undergoing treatment at a hospital after experiencing a skull fracture. As of now, she is in a medically stable condition.

The South African Police Service has remarked that the murderous robbers thieved about £218 from Christopher Preece as well as a mobile phone. The three male attackers of the couple are believed to hail from Lesotho and are still at large.

The couple’s daughter-in-law, Jeanné Preece, has expressed that the thieves flung Felicity against the wall, gashed her and left her for dead surrounded by a pool of blood. Jeanné has elucidated that this wasn’t a typical ‘farm murder.’ Her father-in-law, as per Jeanné, was smitten by the soil of South Africa.

Christopher Preece apparently desired to convert his farm, Fleur de Lys, into a natural reserve and a rehabilitation centre for owls and cheetahs. He is a geoengineering consultant, who hailed from the UK, but worked in Johannesburg, spending only weekends in his beloved farm. His wife and some relatives resided in the farm though.

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